Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remote Support Software list

I'm starting a remote support software list, since many of us here do computer/IT tech stuff and need to connect to random various clients easily in order to see their desktop and fix issues.

Proper remote support software is different than remote access software like logmein, or VNC, or PcAnywhere, or Remote Desktop Protocol built into Windows. 

What defines a good remote support app
*As single click as possible for the remote end user needing support
*No firewall configuration, no port forwarding, no needing to know end users WAN IP address
*Share desktop with end user needing support, full KVM from your point of view

Remote Assistance built into Microsoft Small Business Server...the admin logs into the console, and from MMC you can do a TSWeb like session with clients on the network. I use this a lot since many of my clients networks are based on SBS. While technically it does require a static IP and port forwarding, it's still a quick and easy way to get to end users desktop if they're behind their their SBS box.