Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1 - I Forgot My Administrator Password


1.U Can Log On To Administrator By PressCTRL+ALT+DELETE On your keyboard without safe mode. In the user name enteradministrator and Enter...

2.At First U Must Have 2 Boot FrmXP OS CD And Then Press 'R' To Repair OS
(Not 4 RECOVERY CONSOLE) Then do repair,it will restart within 15sec.

And At The Second Phase When Os Prompts For "Installing Windows"At The Time Press "SHIFT+F10" It Opens Command Prompt 4 U Now .And Write Command
CD\ Then Enter
Write This Command:
Tou Will Get A Password Use It Login To Your Administrator

3.Just A Simple N Experimental Solution.

Attach Your Hdd To Different Computer And Browse Through Your Disk Then Do The Following Task

Rename your sam file located in \windows\system32\config\sam to sam1
Copy sam from \windows\repair\sam and paste it in \windows\system32\config\sam
Attach back again to your computer and it will work with blank administrator password. Means logging in to admin account without password...